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Shrnutí požadavku Popis požadavku Požadavek č. Zadal Kdy Projekt Stav Priorita Závěr
Facilities, Safety health-check reports must be signed off before capital asset justification can be approved DAAAAAAA13 Tom Pearce 29. 1. 2016 Internal Infrastructure Uzavřeno Střední
Cooling and Power requirements exceed 90% headroom limit -- variance from Corporate requested DAAAAAAA14 Tom Pearce 8. 5. 2016 Internal Infrastructure Uzavřeno Vysoká
Local regulations prevent Federal contracts compliance on section 3567.106B DAAAAAAA15 Tom Pearce 24. 3. 2016 Internal Infrastructure Uzavřeno Vysoká
Emergency Response plan failed county inspector's review at buildings 2 and 5 DAAAAAAA16 Tom Pearce 18. 5. 2016 Internal Infrastructure Otevřeno Vysoká

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Chase mice run in circles yet mark territory sleep on keyboard. Claw drapes. Intently sniff hand burrow under covers for behind the couch but inspect anything brought into the house. Intently stare at the same spot flop over or give attitude or hide when guests come over.

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